How To Make A Long Lasting First Impression

Whether you are meeting your inlaw, your business partner, the love of your life or going for a Job interview, first impression really matters.

Psychologist have studied this process in details. And we have had many experience where we meet people and either feel good and bad about them in few seconds.

For example, we are told that People who make more eye contact during “a first meeting” is presumed to be intelligent. Faster speakers are presumed to be competent, those who are smart with a little touch of wealth are presumed to be influential, Women with flirting dress code and behavior are presumed to be promiscuous, a firm handshake is conscientious, among others.

As humans, we are mostly attached to our first impression of others, even though we are presented with a lot of evidence about the person there after, our initial thoughts about that person will always ring a bell when the person come to our mind.

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First impression are really important and if you really want to make a good first impression, it is critical you understand that people attached different meaning and attention to different thing, few seconds can either lead to a life time of happiness or regret.

Here are some few things you need to take note of:
1. Be your best Self.

Playing smart by turning to Jack Bauer when you are Joel won’t help you, instead try and be the best version of Joel not a fake version of Jack Bauer. Remember, it’s only take few seconds for the person on the other side to pass a judgment, so being the best version of yourself will help them make a good judgment.

2. Appearance count.

Appearance is not only about your dressing, it’s include your outlook. Make sure your dress sense coincide with the occasion and try as much as you can to put up a good mood, a bad mood will bring the other person down, a little smile can ease a lot of tension.

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3. Pay close attention to your non verbal.

Your eye contact, manner and posture speak volume as your words. Make good eye contact, it’s OK to be nervous but try not to make it so obvious.

3. Focus on the other person

Its not all about you, so take a deep breath and turn your attention to the other person. This will lift the pressure off you.

N/B: We are often tempted to share impressive things about us to others but before you start, ask yourself “How does this make the other person feel?”

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