When It Comes To Building Successful Business, Relationship Is Very Important

By Abel Udoekene 

I love interacting with people. And these interactions is what makes life interesting.
Earlier today, I met with three start up founders and the energy and passion I see during our interactions increase my desire to connect and assist as many start up founders as possible.

It is very important to point out that one thing that is very common with businesses is providing value, and this value can be in form of good or services.
While so many businesses are struggling to provide value and beat their competitors, they fail to connect with the people they are providing this value, which is actually the number one reason they are in business.

A start up founder once asked me: Abel, how can I promote my business on Facebook and Twitter?

As a social media strategist, and a friend, I was very frank with her, honestly, Facebook and Twitter was build to foster relationship, it is through this relationship that you can build and promote your business.

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My reply put a little smile on her face.
“Okay, let start with Facebook, How many friends do you have on Facebook?”
“Over 4,000” She boasted.
“How many do you interact with regularly?”
“Like 15” She replied
“Put it down, you have just 15 friends on Facebook, the rest has nothing to do on your Friends list”

Permit me to digress a little, I gave a lecture to a group of small business owners sometimes last year and this is what I told them “don’t just go and update pictures and status on any social media platform, make sure you interact with at least five new people every day, influence and relationship is created via engagement and interaction”

Engagement has work wonders for me especially on Twitter, I have been privileged to connect and build relationship with thousands of social media Influencers and leaders of industries all over the World.

I received an email from a friend and he said , “Abel, I have spent so much on advertising via Twitter and Facebook with no good results, what should I do?”
After series of interaction with him, I realized he just put up advert without any well defined target or audience (well, that’s a topic for another day)

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If you are on social media with the intent of promoting your business, build relationship first, interact and engage with people, don’t just post funny pictures of yourself (except, you are into show business).
Social media was created to encourage and inspire relationship and this can only be achieved through engagement

Remember, you can promote your post or brand by paying for advert but you can’t buy engagement. If you meet me to assist you in promoting your brand, one thing I like doing especially if I see your zeal, is to teach you how to do it yourself.

The problem many businesses face especially in this part of the World is lack of synergy but is very clear that “No matter how technological the World will gets, real connection happens through people”

Every Customer is a shareholder in your business, because without them, they will be no you, so make relationship building part of your business strategy in 2017.

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