7 Ways To Build Social Media Audience For Your Small Business

For small business seeking to grow their brand online, it is not always so easy to separate facts from fiction. Especially with thousands of information/misinformation that exist on the World Wide Web from self proclaim Social gurus.

However, to be successful on Social media you need an audience to work with, but how do you build this audience?
The following are 7 tips that will help you build and grow your brand online.

1. Create a strong social media profile

When it comes to Social media, there is no substitute for a strong social media profile, because this is the first thing that someone encounter when accessing your brand on Social media.
Moreover, your social media profile rank higher on search engines when someone search for you or your brand.
So make sure your username, profile picture and your social profile bio represent your brand goals, vision, ideas and prospects.
Take time to create a good social media profile and you won’t regret it.

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2. Tell your story.

You are the only one that can share your story to the World, so don’t leave your page empty, Start creating contents that are real, original, unique, authentic and engaging. Be passionate about your story and make sure it reflects what your brand represent. Don’t just use text, use visual and video too.

3. Have a plan

Don’t get on Social media without having a plan.
Develop a social media strategy for your business, this should involved, the best platform to find your audience (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, pinterest, etc), Your social media marketing information, from free advertising, to paid advertising (example: Boosting your post on Facebook), etc. This will help you stay focus and be on top of the game.

4 Connect and Engage.

Follow, engage and build relationship with people. If you are on Twitter, create twitter list and subscribe to other people twitter list too, Join twitter chat or start one yourself, On Facebook and LinkedIn (Join groups) and promote your brand as you engage. Be relatable and create an avenue for your followers and others to engage with you.

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5. Share other people contents too

Look for brands and influencers within your niche and share their content too, this will make them to engage with you and possibly share your content too, thus making your brand more visible.

6. Provide value and Be consistent.

Be consistent in providing value and in all you do, this will enhance your brand credibility and build trust with your followers.

7. Be hashtag friendly.

Create a unique hashtag for your brand and also follow some established one in your niche.
Maintain and nurture good relationship by following your hashtag and engaging with people who use them.

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