50+ Acronyms Every Marketer Needs To Know

Some years ago, a friend of mine had to leave a marketing conference because she was embarrass when a question was thrown at her and she couldn’t understand the acronyms. According to her, she had to fake a cough in order to save herself the embarrassment of a life time.

It is not bad not to know, but it is very bad not to try to know, new acronyms are born everyday so as a marketer you need to constantly do research in order to be up to date.

To get started, we have compiled a list of some common acronyms that will help keep your conversation going but don’t stop here, there are hundreds of others do your own personal research, don’t just know them, try to used them in your everyday conversation in order to be acquainted with them.

AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
API – Application Program Interface
ASP – Application Service Provider
AR – Augmented Reality
ATD – Agency Trading Desk
B2B – Business to business
B2C – Business to consumer
BR – Bounce Rate
CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost
CIV – Customer Lifetime Value
CMS – Constant Management System
CPA – Cost Per Action
CPC – Cost Per Click
CPM – Cost Per Thousand
CR – Conversation Rate
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CRO – Conversation Rate Optimization
CTA – Call to action
CX – Customer experience
DM – Direct Message
DNS – Domain name system
DR – Direct response
EPC – Earning per click
ESP – Email Service Provider
FB – Facebook
FBML – Facebook markup language
#FF – Follow Friday
#FBF – Flash back Friday
FTP – File transfer protocol
F4F – Follow For Follow
GA – Google Analytics
HTML – Hyper text markup language
IBL – Inbound rate
KPI – Key performance indicator
LTV – Lifetime value
Mom – Month on Month
OS – Operating system (or Open source)
OBL – Outbound link
PR – Page rank
PV – Page view
POS – Point of sale
PPC – Pay per click
PPL – Pay per lead
PPV – Pay per view
QA – Quality assurance
QR Code – Quick response barcode
ROI – Return on investment
RSS – Rich site summary
RFI – Request for information
RT – Retweet
RTB – Real time bidding
RTD – Real time data
SEM – Search engine marketing
SEO – Search engine optimization
SMM – Social Media marketing
SMO – Social Media optimization
SMS – Short message service
TLD – Top level domain
TOS – Term of service
UGC – User generated content
UI – User interface
URL – Uniform resource locator
UV – Unique visitor
VM – Viral marketing
WOM – Word of Mouth
WWW – World Wide Web
YOY – Year on Year
YTD – Year to date
XML – Extensible markup language

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