5 Things Social Media Taught Us About Small Business

As a social Entrepreneur and a social media strategist one thing I love doing is meeting small business owners, advising them and helping them get on Social media.

Neither twitter nor Facebook existed 10 years ago, so the impact of social media on small business is very encouraging especially if you do it right..

Here are some of the lessons social media has taught us about small business…

1. Don’t get lost in the Crowd

The reason most small business and start up fail on Social media is that they fail to find their audience.
As a social media strategist, I keep reminding small business owners that they must first find their voice, decide their audience, then plan their budget before getting into the social media. If you get into social media without knowing were your audience are, you are bound to get lost in the Crowd.

2. Be good at what you are doing.

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A young lady send me an email with some financial details to help promote her start up, which was a restaurant that cook good Chinese food, I did my Job, but I was surprised at the outcome, over twenty people that visited her restaurant complains that she is not good at cooking Chinese food. When I did my research, I discover that she is a jack of all trade but champion of none…

3. Don’t just be in social media, learn to engage.

Engagement is a back bone of any relationship. your sales and growth increases as a result of constant engagement, don’t be too shy to start a conversation, say hello, be polite, be human, be real, tell your brand story, listen and engaged.

4. Treat your customers Well..

Your customers can turn to your brand evangelist if your service delivery is exceptional, don’t just think only about the money, be passionate about putting smiles on people faces, let your business solve a problem and you can be sure that people will take positively about your business

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5. A thank you is always in order.

Take time to thank people who engage politely and positively with you but never ignore those who talk negatively about you or your business.
This will make your business more accessible and thus expand your reach.

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