5 Simple Steps That Will Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

Do you want your blog posts to go viral?
Do you want to get many leads?
In the next few minutes, I am going to share with you some of the easiest way to make your blog posts go viral and it requires a little effort.

Let begin, there is just one popular way I know to create a viral blog posts and that is creating content that is real, original, authentic, emotional, humorous and that can change people lives for better.

It’s about asking yourself first,
“How do I add value to my community? ”
” How do I connect with my readers? ”
” How can I be of help to my readers? ”
Answering these questions will give your next blog post a great chance of going viral.
Remember, it’s not about just posting content, it a matter of whether your content is being seen or not..

Follow this simple steps and you will thank me later.

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1. Have a good story.

The possibilities of your blog post going viral start with your content (We are going to show you this in our next article). But First you must have a good story to tell, before planning on making it go viral, Telling a good story should be your strong point and your story must have all the elements of a good story (From introduction, suspense, conflict to climax and conclusion) and make sure you write, read, rewrite and proofread before posting.

2. Have a good visual.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, Don’t post without adding a good picture or videos to complement your post. Remember, let your picture tells the story even without your readers reading your post. Make it compelling, engaging and dramatic.

3. Use Google keywords tool to title your post based on most popular search items.
This will optimize your post and make it more search engine and people friendly.

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4. Make sure people can find your content.
– Share on Facebook
– Post on Twitter
– Share on Micro blogging sites
– Post on Google plus
– Share on LinkedIn
– Share on Instagram
– Share on YouTube
– Use relevant hashtag on Social media channels
– Share on Pinterest

5. Timing is everything.
You can automate your sharing across Social Media platform after posting, Great Apps like Hootsuite, Post planner, Tweet jukebox, Dlvr.it, Social Oomph, IFTTTT, Buffer, Aweber, Zapier, etc will help you share your post across different time zone depending on your preference (We will go into details of each of these apps and others in our next series of articles).

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