5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Twitter Marketing strategy

Do your tweet get noticed? Are you getting results from your twitter marketing campaign? Are you using twitter effectively for your business?
The best measures of twitter success is the number of engagement you have per tweet, and how you can turn this engagement into sales. But not many marketers takes advantage of this, so here are 5 Proven twitter marketing strategy to get you started

1. Develop a game plan and stick to it.

Having a solid game plan plays a vital role in determining your success on Twitter. A game plan set to guides you in the right direction in answering and responding to many important questions.
If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, you have to develop a plan that will address all your questions, and provide Avenue to fulfill them.

2. Embrace your mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to stand up and embrace your mistakes. Most time you will mistyped a word, don’t just delete and tweet again since most of your followers may likely notice it, it’s better to leave it that way, but for larger mistakes like a product error, be ready to offer apologies and correct the mistake there after.

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3. Use Visuals.

More visuals, less text will gain more reach and attention than just text. People are mostly attracted to images than text. You can get up to 150% re-tweet just by including images on your tweet.

4. Use Hashtag.
Tweet with hashtag get more re-tweet and engagement than those without. Choose your hashtag carefully and make sure you limit your hashtag to just two per tweet.

5. Track and Engage

You need to master the art of social media listening in order to ensure your brand success on Twitter. Follow your hashtag, use Twitter analytics, join twitter chat, be willing and ready to engage with your twitter audience.

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