5 Amazing Steps To Building A Successful Blog

As a blogger or an aspiring blogger one of the thing that will make your blogging journey a success is your ideas and creativity, because people care more about ideas and creativity than your age.

Of course, there are so many articles on how to build a successful blog with so many conflicting and confusing ideas out there.

But let me help you get started on how to build and run a successful blog.

For the records, before I continue, it’s important to understand that good and quality content is the number one component of a successful blog.

1. Define who you are.

“To Know yourself is the beginning of wisdom” is one of the best quote I like.
But how do you know yourself?

E. E. Cummings said “It’s takes courage to grow up and become who you really want to be”
Defining who you are will help your blogging journey a lot. If you ever wanted or dream of being a successful blogger, then start by defining who you are.

2. Identify your Ideal audience.

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Before starting to post or share your content, identify your audience and tailor your post to address their questions and concerns.

Identifying your audience prior to your first post will give you the needed boost and motivation to succeed as a blogger.


– Research
– create your audience profile
– Find out where they are
– Learn about social listening
– start engaging with them.

3. Have a strategy.

– Start with defining and understanding why you are setting up the blog.
– develop a content, writing, posting and sharing calendar.
– Have a purpose for each post, don’t just post for posting sake.

4. Get a good and a reliable host.

Don’t go for the cheapest, go for quality so that they will be willing to assist you when you need it.
Start with Share holder account, then migrate to dedicated server as your blog grows.

5. Measure and promote your blog.

Anything that is not measured can not be improved.
– Make sure you monitor and check your stat regularly.
– Install social media sharing widget and button to enable easy sharing.
– Optimize your blog post for search engines.

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