3 Tips To Make Twitter More Fun And Easy For Your Small Business

Three things I love most about twitter is twitter list, hashtag and twitter chat. While twitter list helps you simplify twitter and make it more fun, and easy to use, hashtag and twitter chat brings you closer to your community and give you the needed platform to connect and build relationship with your community.

After setting up your account on twitter, the next thing for most people and brand is growing their following, but getting in touch with your followers will become more cumbersome without a twitter list , especially if you are able to have thousands of followers within few weeks.

Moreover, having thousands of following without constant engagement will not benefit your business, so how do you constantly get updated and engage with your audience.

To grow your business or your brand on twitter, you need to have an engaging numbers of followers not just followers.
This can easily be achieve by:

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1. Having a twitter list.

Twitter list helps you organize your feeds, so you are able to prioritize your time on twitter and engage with people that truly matter.
To create a twitter list, visit your profile page

– Click on list
– Click create list
– give a name to the list
– then save it as either private or public.
After creating the list start adding people to the list:
– Visit someone profile page
– click on the Icon close to the follow button
– Click add or remove from list
– Then choose a list to add the person.

You can have as many list as possible, this will help you know more about your community , since you will be able to monitor and follow their tweets.
For example you can create a list for
– Your competitors
– Influencers
– People who engage or Retweet you, etc.

So when you log into twitter, no need to monitor the whole twitter feed on the home page , just go to your profile page, click list, choose any list and enjoy tweeting.

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2. Join or create a twitter chat.

Twitter chat is a fast way of building solid relationship on twitter. I meet most of my best twitter pals via twitter chat and they have help me a lot in developing myself as a social media strategist. Find and join established twitter chat to understand the trend before starting your own..
A few twitter chat I love include :
– #ContentChat
– #viralchat
– #Mediachat
– #InsiderChat
– #TwitterSmarter
– #Spiritchat
– #Sproutchat
– #Peopleskills
– #Influencerchat
– #smallbizchat
– #Luv4social
There are many other established twitter chat out there, just find one, join and build your brand.

3. Hashtag

Create a unique hashtag for your brand and encourage your audience to reach you through that hashtag, this will help you in social listening and make it a lot easier to monitor your brand performance on twitter.

Happy tweeting.

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