10 Things That Can Prevent You From Achieving Your Dreams

By Abel Udoekene

We are so familiar with New Year resolution thing. Most often we dedicate hours to write them down and fix up ourselves in a series of routine to make sure that we achieve everything we plan or promise to achieve during a calendar year.

“Nothing good comes easy” A Man once reminded me when I was trying to question the way he handle himself during making his New Year resolution.

Like most of us, the man understand that before making room for new things you have to let go of those things holding you back, but he didn’t care to know what was preventing him from achieving his dreams in the past years.

These 10 things can prevent you from achieving your dreams in 2017

1. Forgetting who you are
Living a fake life can hinder you from following your heart.

So be true to yourself and your dream will come true

2. Trying to be Perfect
Life is about progress not perfection. Any successful turn you make deserve a kudos, mistakes is part of the journey, once you start looking at becoming a perfectionist failure becomes inevitable.

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3. Dwelling in the past
The best way to deal with the past is to learn from it and move on. Once you allow the pass to drag you down, you won’t be able to fully live and enjoy the benefit of the present.

Treat the past as a Lesson note, and embrace the present as a beautiful gift that must be cherish

4. Trying to please everyone
The best and quickest way to fail is trying to please everyone. Don’t succumb to this, please yourself and live your dreams.

5. Blaming others
If you want to achieve your dreams in 2017, you must be ready to own your mistakes and cherish your progress. Blaming people for your mistakes will not help you.

6. Hanging out with the wrong company
The wrong company can derail you from achieving your dream. So choose your friends wisely.

7. Waiting for people’s approval
If you keep waiting for people’s approval, you won’t get anything done.

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8. Fear of failure
Don’t fail before you start, keep your hope high and work toward achieving your dreams.

9. Focusing on your weakness
Don’t focus on your weakness,focus on your strength and work to improve yourself.

10. Complaining
Complaining will not allow you to fully live up to your potential. Quit complaining and accept things the way they are, but if you are not happy about the way things are, you change them.

You have all it takes to win tomorrow; let go of the past, Live in the present and be who you were truly meant to.

Photo Credits : WEF

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