10 Amazing Websites To Teach Yourself Anything

Whether you are a Social Media savvy or just a net surfer, there is always something new to learn. The Internet is a compendium of information and knowledge and you need to stay up to date every day if you truly desire success.

Here are some of the website I visit for personal development, Social enlightenment and as Ideas/ Knowledge bank.

1. Creativelife.com
Creative life empowers you to unleash your potentials by bringing the World greatest expert directly to you. You can learn anything at creating life.

2. Video-tutes.com
There are lot of free video tutorial on this site that you can use to learn new skills.

3. Mentalflows.com
If you love brainteasers and games, mental floss is for you, you can test your knowledge with up to date brainteasers and games.

4. Udacity.com
You can enhance your skill through innovative independent learning with a free course on Udacity.

5. BBC language
Whether you want to learn new language or improve on any language, BBC language has all the information you need to get started.

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6. edx.org
Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2002. edx offer a whole lot of resources that can help you to learn something new.

7. Gibbon.com
Gibbon provide a platform where employees can share knowledge, discuss and develop new skills.

8. Alison.com
There is a lot of free online course on Alison.com visit and you won’t regret it

9. Project Guttenberg
You can find high quality ebook free on any topic at project Guttenberg

10. Brainpump.net
With Brain pump, there is always something new to learn.

Off course we have whole lot of others like
Udemy.com, learn Spanish, coursera, Expert village, findtutorials.com, Investopodia, Lyndale.com, University of the people, Future learn, Open learn, Tedx talk, peer 2 peer University, coursmos, highbrow, University webinars, Skillshare, 44ways.com etc, So which one did we forget to add?

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