How To Write An Engaging Blog Post

It probably won’t come to you as a surprise that writing engaging post is one of the secret to your blogging success. You need content to appear and rank higher in search engine, you need people to read and share your content, you need to build that self esteem and trust that will earn your blog constant traffic and loyalty.

There are basically two types of content :
1. Content that lose value over a short period of time.
2. Content that is evergreen, sustainable and timeless.

To create engaging content that is sustainable you need to:

1. Be simple and be yourself.

By being yourself, you will develop your own style, create what you truly know and be ready and willing to promote them. Originality matters, originality pays.

2. Read, research, understand then write.

The more you read, the more new ideas and new opportunities present itself to you. Don’t just write, read, research, understand before you write.

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3. Go for fresh content.

Always make sure you go for fresh content, the freshness of the content is very important for your blogging journey. The more fresh and original content you have, the more engaging your blog will be.

4. Keep it short and timeless

You need about 300 words to be indexed by Search engines, but no matter the form(whether long or short) make sure that your content is timeless. Don’t cage it with time, allow it to flourish. Always remember, it must be short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the entire subject area.

5. Write For yourself.

Writing for yourself will eliminate any form of plagiarism. Once you put yourself at the centre as the first reader sharing your story, the other sides of the platform will take care of itself.

6. Always season it with a little emotions.

Show passion and love in your content, let your post inspire someone to smile, Love and live happy.

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