What every small business owners needs to know about Social media promotion

As a digital media house we help build and grow brands online presence. We teach and show brands how to connect, convince and convert engagement into sales.

Over the last two years we have consistently trained our clients to be great promoters of their brand.

Recently, we have handled some challenging project, most of which are on small business owners. Their challenges which was our burden was how they can break into the social media scene with little budget and experience.

Because of that, We have created some “how to ebook” ¬†which anyone without any experience and a little budget can use to achieve maximum results.

Our advice to most small business owners who contact us for social media promotion is simple.

First before starting any promotion, there is what we call deep learning (We will discuss this in detail in our ebook and other related resources).

Deep learning will give you the opportunity to understand when and how to target your promotion. Since it’s a behavior template analysis, it will put you in charge of the process so that you can easily push and pull at the same time. (we advice our clients to use push and pull marketing techniques simultaneously, we will show you how on the ebook).

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Secondly, know what you want and plan wisely: if you want following, promote your page, if you want engagement promote your content.

Personally, we don’t like page or website promotion, content promotion works better.

We did a little experiment on one small business owners who just opened a fashion blog to promote her fashion business. We wrote 28 of her first set of content promote them, then apply for Google adsense which was approved immediately . The blog is just one month and a week old.
We promote 6 of the content, our budget was $200..we used just $79. Meanwhile, our team member promote his personal news blog against our advice spent over $200, and his blog was not approved by Google.

The reason was simple, Google works with impression, bounce rate, contents, etc from our experience… If you promote your Blog, someone may click and not read any content, thus you have a higher bounce rate, but if you promote a good content someone will read it and may even read the next post thus reducing your bounce rate.

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For small business owners, content promotion is good, website promotion or page promotion is only good for big and establish brand seeking relevance. (We have created an easy guide that will help you understand SEO, content management and Marketing, and blogging on the ebook)

Lastly, measure your results.. Every promotion should be adequately measure.
Our experience over the years has help us to develop a good measurement profile for all our promotions, we will share some experience with demographics to guide you in your next promotion.

Your social media success depends mostly on you. We are willing to guide you through, we will notify you shortly about the ebook. 

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below or see the contact us page.

More coming. let's grow together, Click here to sign up for our newsletter, let's keep the conversation going.

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