Using Twitter List To Market Your Small Business

A year ago, we started the movement “meet the small business owners” our ideas was to create an avenue where small business owners can meet together, share ideas, discuss challenges and brainstorm on ways of making their business more visible.

The movement was quite successful as more of them becomes partners and promise to work together for a better World..

We discuss on visual branding, Social media marketing, human relationship, crowdfunding among others.

One of the challenges most small business owners we met face was getting the best out of social media, our discussion and interactions gives birth to our articles 5 Things Social Media Taught Us About Small Business, and we have use that as a pointer in most of our discussion to teach small business owners how to engage and get more leads online.

Last two months, we started our discussion on how small business can use Twitter list to market their business and the responses we get have been quite encouraging.

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We have been into twitter marketing for years and perhaps most of the brand we managed we used twitter list to monitor, create awareness, build relationships and promote the brand.

To us, Twitter list is one of the best tool that twitter has ever given to marketer, and we call it the marketing companion, if you don’t know how to create and manage twitter list as a small business owner you are really missing a lot.

– Twitter list helps you in Monitoring

By separating people into different list, you will be able to monitor them closely and follow-up their conversation very easily.

Monitoring is very necessary in building your brand online, because you just have to monitor your competitors, follow-up potential clients and develop a voice for your business.

– Twitter list help you in brand awareness.

We have experimented this with few start-up and the results have been quite astonishing. If you create a public list, let say potential investors for your Start up, then add up some brand you think can help you grow your business, those you add are immediately made aware of your brand once you add them and this can open way for your business on the long run.

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– Twitter list can help you promote your event.

Most of the small business owners meeting we conducted, we have a twitter list for all of them, this include names of speakers and some small business owners plus us the host, and we were able to see so many people attending, most of them got the information through twitter.
Twitter list is a great avenue for potential attendees and speakers to interact and meet themselves before an event. So before planing your next event, think twitter list

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