Understanding The Power Of Social Currency

Anything that we share that add value to us and other people through networking is called Social Currency.

It is used to measure the influence, reach and credibility of a brand digital presence. It involve the number of share, retweet, like, mention your brand or post receive, the relationship you make, the conversation and engagement you are in, etc.

The sharing of opinion, ideas, products, service and information is a currency that everyone possess, but hardly have we fully utilize that power.

The Social media for instance has created an avenue that can
deliver massive returns, if people and brand can understand the power of Social Currency and take full advantage of it….

So here is a few points to note :

1. Over 2 billion people are online and most of them are accessing the internet on their Mobile devices, so how Mobile friendly is your content?

2. Every minute, millions of content are shared on facebook, twitter and other Social Platforms, so how can you make your unique and outstanding?

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3. Sharing is Caring, Be creative in your content, share what defines you and your brand.

4. Originality is important, Make sure what you share is original, if not, at least give credit to the owner.

5. Engagement is key… You need to understand that the level of your engagement and interaction will increase the value of your Social Currency.

6. One Network is not enough, Be socially functional, arouse your social awareness by targeting your content on all Social media platform.

7. Don’t be stingy, share other people’s content…. And you will be surprise at what that can do to your brand.

8. Be Open to Ideas, join online communities, Find and engage
influencers on online chats/forum

9. Be an expert in telling your own story.

10. Define, understand then develop your social currency.

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