The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Content Creation

A blog without engaging content is like a car without an engine. You can’t drive it but you can see it, you can’t take it anywhere but you can tell people about it.

As the number component of inbound marketing, content provide an avenue for your customers to engage with your brand in your absence. A well crafted content not only convert your audience into customers but make it easy for people to believe in your brand and share your content.

The share value of your contents depends on the efforts and time you put in during its  creation  process. A well crafted content must have a good topic and a good story line, the more passionate you are, the more interesting it will become and the possibility of it being shared will be high.

Since the inception of inbound marketing, it becomes apparent that every businesses should have a good content creation strategy.

Inbound marketing is not just about asking customers to buy your product, it’s about providing value, engaging with customers and prospects and providing a platform to your audience to appreciate your products even without telling them about it.

Only few people are interested in buying your product, but you have the opportunity of converting about  90%  of people that get in contact with your blog through engaging content.

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Let  begin :

1. A good topic taste better than a bad one.

The number one thing people see before reading your story is your topic. Your topic must answer that question of curiosity and urgency. It should be able to tell people what and what not to expect.  Spend some time to work on your topic. A good topic grabs attention and make sharing easy.

2. Nothing can replace a good visual.

You have probably hear that a picture tells a thousand story, but if a picture can tell a thousand story what happen to a video? Don’t just limit yourself to words and few images, try and includes infographics and video in your content creation process. The person on the other side of the computer is human, so be human and captivate him/her with your creativity. Let your visuals speaks for you.

3. A little sense of humor is always in order.

I recently read an interesting blog post on a wedding invitation, and I  was move to visit the store after reading it. The topic was so interesting “Give the couple a Food Flask and Get any food of your choice” An address was provided where you can get an affordable food Flask and a time frame was given. I saw so many people when I get to the store and all of them had two food Flask in their hand “One for the couple, one for the food” and it was so interesting.

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I had a little interaction with the store owner who incidentally was the bride and the idea was a good way to open their new shop just before the marriage. They made a total sale of over 520 food Flask in less than an hour and I couldn’t help but notice the smiles on every customer face as they interact with the couple who were the special sales guest at the store.

A little sense of humor can help boost your content creation strategy. Don’t just write, make it fun and memorable. 

4. Share experience, tell stories and provide value.

Sticking to one style of writing is not progressive. Tell a story, interview your customer, competitor or industry expert, share experience and engage with your audience.

I edited a travel article for a ticketing firm last year and I was in love with the firm. Each time, the manager travel, she will write a story on her tour and share it to every visitor that visit her firm. 

“Have you ever been to Sun city, here are few thing I learn from sun city, by the way,  tickets to sun city is now… ”

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And she also encourage her customers to submit articles of their travelling experience for a price.

Go out of the box, don’t make it to be just about you and your brand, incorporate your customers and you will be glad you did. 

5. See Content as an avenue to promote your brand not just to fill your blog with post.

Always remember that Content creation should not be primarily seen as a marketing tool, but as a value creation tool, because once you see it as a marketing platform, you will think more of your product than the customer. A good content creation strategy put the customer at the centre before the brand and the products.

You can add your own idea at the comments section to help others, thank you for reading, sharing is caring, make sure you share it.  

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