Beyond the 140 characters limits : Twitter introduces the 280 characters tweet

Soon 140 characters tweet will be history as twitter will now give people twice the space – a full 280 characters – to write their messages.

The change which  is currently an experiment should be available to twitter users soon.

Twitter had made the decision to stop people being frustrated by cramming their tweets into a small space. And the original justification for the limit – that the posts needed to fit into an SMS message – is no longer needed.

This change became necessary after considering  tweet in different languages. In a Country like Japanese and some others which use symbols, tweets can be posted much more easily because characters hold much more information.

Twitter decided to add the extra space so that people can “easily express themselves” wherever they are, and to try and prevent people cramming. As such, it won’t be rolled out in languages that don’t have to cram already – Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Twitter acknowledged that the brevity may come with an “emotional attachment” and said that its engineers feel the same thing. “But we tried this, saw the power of what it will do, and fell in love with this new, still brief, constraint,” they wrote.

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For now, the expanded tweets are only available to a “small group”, Twitter said. But if it is successful – if, for example, it stops people abandoning their tweets halfway through writing them – then it will be rolled out for everyone.

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