Top 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners

The blogging journey is very interesting, the more you travel the more you see new things, one of the things that motivate me to keep blogging is the ability to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Blogging as I see, is much more than just writing, it’s the ability to see the World as it should be and relate it to your audience in the best way possible. So once you hit the publish button, boom, your post is ready for the World to see.

These 5 blogging tips will be useful if you follow them accordingly:

1. Blogging is about building relationship.

One of the best way I find to be useful for upcoming bloggers or any blogger at all is to see blogging as building relationships. The more you show love and concern, the better the result. You may not get the needed results from day one except you are a celebrity with an astonishing ability, but with constant work and effort you will get there. Be the beautiful bride, research, develop, create and build good content, once your audience fall in love with your content, boom, your blogging journey will be amazing. Let each of your post be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with your audience.

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2. Write what you know

Adding values to people’s lives take a little effort and time. To be successful as a blogger, you have to write and build on what you know. Writing what you know will give you the needed inspiration and confidence to be at your best. As a rule of thumb, Start with what you know, continue with what you know, build on what you know, then learn and grow as your blog grows.

3. Give your audience what they want.

Your audience want nothing but the best. So pay attention to your audience, follow Google analytics and see which post has the highest number of engagement in your blog, then work and develop your blog post around that topic.

4. Find your voice.

What you write matters and how you write it really matters. You have to find your voice and make it sound well in all your content, say it well, write it well and fall in love with your blogging journey.

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5. Be yourself.

The number one thing that will guarantee your success as a blogger is to be yourself. By being yourself, you will enjoy writing and produce more. Don’t try to pretend, and don’t write to impress others, let your writing describe your uniqueness, Don’t be too professional, just do everything to be you and your blogging journey will be fun.

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