Top 5 Amazing Ways To Grow Your Blog

So you have the passion, you have written your first blog post or countless number of great post, then what next?

Writing great contents won’t get you the needed results unless you have readers to engage with them.

Here are the top 5 Ways To grow your blog.

1. Offer real value
Offering real value will build trust between you and your audience and keep them asking and looking for more, but how do you offer real value?

– Show your audience what’s working for you and what’s not.

The number one rule of earning your readers trust is transparency. Be transparent in creating great content that can differentiate between what’s working and what’s is not working for you. Don’t just tell, show, people connect more to real facts, real figure that just mere stories.

– Be a problem solver.

You have to create problem solving content that will help answers your readers questions. Don’t just write and post contents, before posting any content always asked yourself “How beneficial will this content be to my audience?”

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– Put yourself in front of your community

If you want to create value for your blog, you have to be ready to help and grow with your community. Putting yourself in front of your community means you are ready and always available to answers their questions, accept their comments and suggestions and then grow together.

2. Promote your blog content.

I strongly recommend that you spend more time promoting your content as you do writing it.

Don’t just write, published and go and rest, write, published and promote it.

There are many ways to promote your content, here are few tips to start with:

– Word of mouth marketing.

Like it or yes, Word of mouth is still one of the best strategy in marketing. Don’t ignore it, Tell your friends, colleagues, Family and co-workers about your content, trust me, it works wonders. Remember, the best tool you have is relationship.

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– Utilize your social media channels effectively.

Share your post as many time as possible. The more, the better.
Use hashtag where necessary. Pin your blog post to the top of your blog on Twitter and Facebook.

Post on reddit.
Share on LinkedIn groups.
– Submit your post to content community like,, etc

– Syndicate your best performing blog post on others blog.

This will give your blog post a big chance of being useful to another set of audience.

Don’t just write for yourself, write for others, it is one of the fastest way to get more traffic and build self confidence.

3. Publish more.

Publishing more content will give your blog more chance of getting more traffic and being exposed, so increase your blog post to at least 3 or more Posts per week.

4. Create headlines that will catch people attention and make them wanting to read more.

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5. Have an email list.

Email list is a powerful medium to promote your blog and increase traffic. If you don’t have an email list, Start to create one now.

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