How To Promote Your Small Business Online In 5 Easy Steps

By Abel Udoekene

The way we do business changes everyday. If you were in the advertising business 10 Years ago, you will agree with me that,even though so much has changed technologically which has affected people behavior, people and real connection has not changed.

For instance words like algorithms, SEO, SERPs, Ranking, etc has change the face of Internet marketing in the last few years and sometimes it may look like you are studying for PhD before you can understand what works and what does not.

Back in the days, it was quite simple for people to see your content easily online, but the trend has change dramatically. Let look back a little, 3 years ago if you had a page on Facebook with at least 3000 likes you can be sure that at least 80% of the people that like your page will see your post, but it’s not the same now, if you don’t monitor the time and frequency of your post, even with a page like of 18,000 your content may not reach 2% of the people that like your page, so you will have to boost your content before it can get seen, that the strength of the technological evolution.

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How can Small business and start up survive this technological evolution?

The answer is simple, we have developed 5 steps, these 5 steps will guide you both on the short term and long term.

1. It’s time to pause

This may sound funny, but It’s true, you need to take a break from all the noise and reflect on your value, competition and your community. The pause period will afford you some times to ask yourself certain questions :
What are you doing right?
Are you meeting your target?
What is your competitors doing differently?
How can you provide value to your community? etc.

2. Research

This step is very critical because it will guide all your decision, from content creation, branding, promotion, etc. You need to study your strategy, understand what works and what does not, give accurate answers to the questions you ask during your pause period and develop a framework that will help your business grow.

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3. Post and listen

Posting and sharing content needs a strategy, don’t post without listening, the two should go simultaneously. Listen to understand what your community are saying, listen to understand whether your timing is right, listen to get answers to the need of your community. Don’t just post to meet up a deadline or a schedule, post to provide value and promote your brand.

4. Promote.

Without proper timing and promotion, your content may not get the visibility it requires. It’s important that’s you integrate all your social media network into your content sharing platform but make sure you create and tailor post according to the needs and dynamic of each network. Instagram may need you to do info graphics or short video, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn may need different strategy, find out which strategy work for each channel and give in all your best.

5. Engage

Don’t wait for your community to talk to you, always be on the lookout for opportunities to engage with them. Create hashtag and follow it. Ask questions, answer questions, provide value and listen back when they talk to you.

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In summary, remember, these steps may not get you instant sales but it will sure build trust between you and your community.
If you need any help, questions and assistance, drop a comment or question below or you can connect with me on Twitter, let thrive together.

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