Getting Stuck? These 5 Content Ideas Can Help

We have been constantly reminded that content is king when it comes to inbound and social media marketing. And to get ahead you must develop content that is engaging, valuable and is able to convey your brand message to your audience.

Crafting contents that fit into the above description ‘Valuable, engaging and Passing your brand message’  may sometimes not be so easy. But understanding your audience is very vital not only for content creation but also for brand development. But how can you connect with your audience without good content?

If good content is the link between your brand and your audience, then having a good content strategy and ideas will not only save you more money but it will help in spreading your brand message faster than you can ever imagine.

Let’s begin. Here are 5 Content Ideas that you should try.

1. Start with a story and finish strong.

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Have a notepad and document your brand progress daily. This will help you to better understand your brand and in crafting good and inspiring stories that your audience will love to share.

2. Develop a video.

A video can travel faster and it’s stick to the heart more longer, a little chat with a customer or your team can turn into a great content. Always keep your camera handy, because you never know what may interest you.

3. Inspire your audience to share their own stories.

Your customers will always be happy to share their experiences with other whether it is good or bad. Always create an avenue where you can inspire them to write back and share their experiences with others.

4. Put your  team members on the hot seat.

Your customers deserve to know those you work with, a little chat with your team members on daily basis about why they like your products and services and their dreams for your brand can inspire a good content.

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5. Read and follow the conversation.

Every content you share has the potential to create more stories if you follow and engage with your audience. Don’t just write, post and share,  make sure you follow it up and measure it performance in terms of engagement and share value.

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