How To Get Great Startup Ideas

All startup ideas have one thing in common, “Problem waiting to be solved, or questions waiting for answers”
The road to a successful business start with an idea.
Idea provides a starting point for any business but it’s your desire that will fuel the business.

The whole process of generating ideas to idea s incubation to the whole business empire is a great task that requires passion, Patience and hard work.

I did a business management course 6 years ago and we used to have series of ideas brainstorming sessions but none of them turn out to be the big deal.
So what was the problems?

It’s not enough to just sit down for few minutes all in the name of ideas generation, you need to do research, you need to find a problem, you need to find a market and you need to incubate your ideas before starting up.

So get a notebook and a pen, let do a little exercise.

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– The process of starting a business start with desire. So write this down on page one OF your notebook “I have the desire to make a difference in life”

– list at least 4 big company you know and do a little research about them. Think of what you can do to help enhance their service delivery, write down all your thoughts and plan on what it will take to achieve each of them.

– Visit some small business owners in your community and ask them about their challenges, write down everything they tell you and think of how best you can help them overcome their challenges.

– Look at all the ideas you have written down and pick two that you think is viable and do a little more research on them, think of companies that are offering such services, think of their location, do research both online and offline to gather more information on them.

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– Prepare your business plan and proposal after you have chosen an idea, Look for funding and start up your company.

Ideas are everywhere as long as there are questions and problems that needs solutions, so go out there and make a difference, the World needs you.

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