Don’t Be Afraid To Have Big Dreams

By Lukas Schwekendiek

There is no one telling you you can’t, other than yourself. How do you know you cannot make it?

Always go for exactly what you want. →

Life is too short to go for the things that you do not want to do. Even if you get everything you want right now, you will only have a limited time to live that life. Don’t settle. Don’t cut your dreams short. Go for exactly what you want with all your might. You will reach it and have it all if you just go for it.

Always push forward. → Never give up.

Giving up is the only thing which causes you to fail completely. Everything else is nothing but a stepping stone. It doesn’t matter if you fail 10 times or 10,000 times, if you succeed once it is enough. Keep pushing forward and keep working on yourself so that you can live the life you always wanted.

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Always ignore others. →

It doesn’t matter how great or horrible someone is, as soon as you start comparing yourself you loose the true goal out of your line of sight. Whether you are comparing upwards or downwards, both will result in a loss of what is really important. If you have to compare yourself, then only compare yourself to the person you used to be and see just how much better you are!

Always 10x everything you do. →

Doing what you are doing is enough to get by in the life you are living right now, but who wants that? 10x EVERYTHING! Go for 10x the amount of work, 10x the amount of value that you will give, and 10x the amount of love you exert. Expecting this off yourself will result in you achieving at least 2x – 5x what you have been doing. This results in your life being 2x -5x better than it used to be.

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Always test your limits. →

We change every single day. Every experience changes us in some way, shape or form. This means that we progress and grow all the time and by the time you wake up you could have totally outran your old limitations. Limits are nothing more than benchmarks. They may last a minute or a year, but eventually, we will surpass them all. Test your limits every chance you get. You will grow more than you have ever grown.

Always speak and think positively. →

You want to live an amazing life, whilst feeling amazing and having as much fun as you possibly can, right? Then you need to speak and think positively! Every time you catch yourself forming a negative thought stop for a second. Stop and reform it into something positive. Positive thoughts and sentences shape the way we act every day. The more positivity we have in our daily lives the more we train our subconscious mind to prioritize those thoughts, which results in up to 90% of our daily actions being based off of a positive mindset.

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Always dream as big as you can. →

Dream as big as you possibly can. Think about the life you want and desire and one up even that dream! Blow it up so big that you cannot help but become extremely excited whenever you think about it. Realize that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, including that gigantic dream! When you can even get excited about the dreams you have there will be very little that can even begin to stop you.

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