How to connect easily with your audience through your content

By Abel Udoekene

“You must be heard to make sense because learning the art of talking or writing without learning the art of connecting is like building a house with no roof”

In the next 3 minutes or there about,  I’m going to show you how to connect easily with your audience through your contents.

Let begin :

Content writing is as old as mankind, keep it in mind. 

I enjoy reading a lot, I read everything I see both the good, the very good and the ugly. Throughout my reading journey, I have discover that there is always one form of similarity between one person’s writing and another: the manner of presentation may change, the message may change, but the fact is “every form of writing is a content, no matter how you see it

I recently read a book by Sean Gardner on his social media journey. The book kept me engaged as if I was interacting  face-to-face with Sean, from his manner of presentation to the message he embed on each words, his tenses to the illustrations, etc the book took me through a journey; a journey I was very happy at the end.

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Why did I connect so easily with Sean’s book? 

Most of the thing that touch me after reading just 3 lines in the book was his passions to help other, his originality, his uniqueness and the strength of his words.

I must state here that, Sean knew who his book was meant for (the audience he was writing for) before anything  and he tailored it well to fit their needs. . .

This is the first rule, know who your audience are before creating your contents, you can’t develop a content meant for kindergarten to Adults, or those meant for Adults to Kindergarten.

Research is very Vital. 

No matter how well rooted you are in an area courtesy demands if you want to reach a wider audience you should refresh your memory to know if there is something new or not  about the subject area you are about to cover.

Research gives you the opportunity to enrich your contents with new ideas , build relationships through link building and convey an authority standard on your contents.

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Originality Pays.

Create a niche for yourself  and stick to it. Never forget that your voice is your guide throughout this journey, once you forget  your voice and start promoting other people’s voice, your audience will lose trust in you and with time they will search and locate the voice you’ve been promoting and follow it.

Hold your audience is high esteem. 

Don’t just push your words without listening to your audience, once you say something, wait a little and engage with your audience, if there is no response, wait a little longer. It is good to walk with your audience as friends than to see them as a means to an end.

Lastly, do your thing and have fun. 

Your life is your business, your voice is your guide, your story will inspire many, go out there and tell the World your story.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop it at the comment section or send me a mail at

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