The Complete Guide To Social Media Listening

A few months ago, I was contacted to write a review on social media listening for a small business group in India, Part of what they asked me to do was to measure and evaluate their social media impact then recommend possible ways of improving sales, metrics and opportunities.
As it is with most social media strategist,
anytime an opportunity like this present itself, “though it was free” you will have to think of the bigger picture, the challenges and the prospects, so I listed possible questions that I needed to address.
Some of them were :
– How do I add value to this small business group?
– How can I encourage them to do more and be more
– How can I use my little experience to grow their business?
– How can I increase their social media impression, impacts, among others.
As I was brainstorming on this questions and much more, I remember the words of my dear friend Bisila Bokoko “The market is no longer in US or France, the market is social media”
So I pick up my phone , and my pen and I start with Twitter analytics, Google analytical, etc writing down some observation as I go on, in order to have a clearer picture of what to tell them when it matters most .
Most of the things I discover especially on their twitter account was that all the tweet I saw was exclusively theirs , no engagement with any followers, no re-tweet of any influencer and most of their tweet were not targeted (that is no, defined hashtag to follow it thereafter). They did pretty well on Instagram and Facebook, the only problem they had was how to target Facebook paid ad to reach a larger audience. So after all the research, I developed a social media listening guide and forwarded it to them.
To me, Social media listening is the best way of following your brand story on social media, it has everything to say about how people view you and your brand online, the more you follow, pay attention and engage with your community online, the better your chance of being heard, staying up to date and achieving social media success.
So let get started .
1. Content is Key.
Sean Gardner, Social Media influencer and the best selling author of ” The road to social media success” identify content as very important in building and growing your brand presence online.
What you share define how people will rate you and your brand, don’t just post any content, make sure each content you share is beneficial to your community.
2. Sharing is caring.
Porter Gale a former Virgin Executive mention “We and us approach” instead of “I and me approach”.
Don’t just make your social media activities to be all about you and your brand alone. Share other people content too, as long as it will be of interest to your online community.
3. Learn from social media influencers.
There is always room for improvement, so adopt and follow a social media influencer and learn from him or her. This will help you to understand the basics to social media success and increase your social media presence.
4. See what’s trending.
Trending topics and hashtag can boost your online presence up to 45% if you use it to your advantage.
Listen and search for topics and questions that are trending then create a space for it in your social media strategy.
5. Follow your hashtag.
Develop a hashtag for your brand and make sure you follow it. For me, this is the first thing I search for anytime I visit any social media channels.

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6. Engage with your audience
Engagement matters a lot , engage, re-tweet, share and post other people’s content. This will bring trust and open doors to new level of opportunities.
Remember : Good content, sharing other people content, engaging with your community, etc, will bring engagement that will help make social listening easy for you thus improving your social media success.
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