You too can blog like a Pro

“When quality meets consistency over time a Professional is born – Abel Udoekene”

From personal relationship to social media your quality in terms of contents and engagement determines the community you can create for yourself.  To be ahead and succeed as a blogger or in anything you do never forget the following :

1. There is just one you. 

When I was growing up, I had a long list of people I was hoping to be like. From Leonardo Da Vinci, Mother Teresa to William Shakespeare. I wanted to emulate everything they did so as to achieve my dreams. I did a lot of research on each of them but something cross my mind one morning.

I was reading a story about Leonardo Da Vinci  by one of my favorite authors (my father), he apparently wrote me an essay just to keep me focused  and a line magnify itself more than others, “The best thing he did was to live, he wanted to be the best and to be the best he chooses to be Leonardo Da Vinci”

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From that moment henceforth, I realized I owe it to myself and the World to create a name for myself and live a life of purpose so that I can inspire the next generation. I never stop reading about Leonardo Da Vinci and the rest to get inspiration but I just decided to live my dreams.

As a blogger, there are people who are waiting to read about your experience, your frustration, your mistakes and your story, don’t bore them by imitating a certain Mr A or Miss B just do your thing and they will be happy with you.

2. Make reading your friend 

I love reading others people’s work,  I’m a guru when it comes to research. I read to get ideas, I read to be inspired, I read to discover new things and I read to learn. Make a list of popular blogs, follow them, read , learn and develop yourself. Blogging is fun when reading is your partner.

3. Quality matters 

Don’t rush to do anything especially when it comes to contents creation, take your time, research and create a timeless content. Your content is your identity, don’t joke  with it.

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4. Consistency is a must. 

There is no point starting if you can’t sustain the tempo. The mark of a professional is on consistency,  once your quality meets consistency you are one step away to greatness and if you press on without looking back, the World will remember your name.

Conclusion :

You too can blog like a pro, you must be original, consistent, relatable and passionate

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