How To Build An Effective Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Social Media has changed the way we do business. According to Bisila Bokoko, “The market is no longer in USA or France, the market is now social media”

If you are not taking full advantage of social media to grow your business, you better start now, because it is no too late.

After you have created a unique social media profile, the big question most people normally asked is, what next?
The key to social media success lies in your strategy, as a brand, whether established or small business enterprise you need to constantly seek and research for ideas to grow your business on Social media. Your customers is always one click away from your products, you need to make them click that button.
So let look at how you can build an effective social media strategy.

1. Build a community not an audience.
The first step after creating a unique profile and having some followers is to go into building a community. Take time to research and build a community not just followers, an audience is just numbers that will makes your social media profile look big and attractive but it’s the community that grows your brand, so build a community and grow your brand.

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2. Focus on Providing value.
Selling your products immediately you jump on Social media is good, but providing value and solving problems is better as it will build trust and draw so many people closer to your brand. Rather than just thinking about how to sell and promote your self, think about how to provide value and Be of benefit to your community.

3. Identify your competitors.
Look for brands who are also in your line of business and learn from their social media campaign and content sharing, this will help you to develop, measure and create your own social media strategy and stay on top of the game.

4. Have a marketing plan.
Marketing plan will drive your action and make it simple for you to build a long lasting impression on the Social media. Your Marketing plan should include:
– Content sharing calendar
-Social listening strategy
– Social Media tools to invest in, etc.

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5. Always listen
Focus on making customers happy by responding quickly to their questions and engaging with them. Do all you can to maximize positive comment about your brand and minimize negative comments to the nearest minimum. Search and follow you brand keywords and hashtag to engage effectively with your community.

6. Measure your success.
You have to track, analyze, monitor and optimize your social media journey. Google analytics is a good place to start. Knowing how you stand will boost your confidence and help you see where and how you can improve your social media impression.

Make sure you use the right social media tools and don’t stop here, constantly do research on how to improve and have fun while doing your business on Social media.

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