Beware Of These 5 Twitter Don’ts, They Can Destroy Your Brand

By Jaycee Uguru

Twitter is a place where people interact with each other on a massive level and manners which is a staple of human connection. A saying goes thus “manners maketh a man”, your engagement and interactions can either make or destroy your brand. However, there will always be two sides to a coin: The light and dark, the ups and downs , and the yin and yang.

Below are 5 twitter Practice that can damage the image of your brand.

1. Beware of Spam tweeting

Spam tweeting is when you absolutely over tweet links and hashtags in an effort to trend, generate clicks or build publicity. In doing this, You share no value with people, instead you flood their timelines with the message you want to cram down their throats.

This is so wrong, the only message you’ll be sending out to your audience is that you’re a nuisance. If you carry on like that you will lose your credibility and prestige.

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The best way to be listened to on twitter is to create and share value. Take time to create meaningful content and organically build up a following that will listen when you have something to say.

2. Beware of Making sales your number one priority

If you make sales your number one priority on twitter you will make people to think that your only interest in them is that they buy what you’re selling. Practice like this is hurting your brand and damaging your credibility.

Social media is for creating and building relationship so begin to fulfil these needs by leveraging and sharing some of the wisdom from your brand and channelling it into valuable content. The tweeps (twitter peeps or people) will naturally gravitate towards you and want to buy what you’re selling.

3. Beware of not engaging with your audience

Twitter and indeed social media is all about relationships and relationships are sustained by constant engagement. You simply aren’t using Twitter right if you fail to engage with your community.

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Take the time to check out your timeline, look for interesting tweets from the accounts you follow and leave thoughtful replies. Start conversations with thought leaders based on their content, share your replies with them. Respond when your followers tweet at you, and don’t forget to say thank you when they appreciate your content.

4. Beware of what I called “Spam mentioning”

Spam mentioning is when an account randomly mentions a bunch of people and then tweets a link at them that adds no value to them and can only benefit the spammer.

Always remember that Providing value is the way to go. Give people value either in information or entertainment and they’ll naturally come to you.

5. Beware of buying followers

When you buy followers, you are essentially just buying numbers and nothing more. The accounts you get are usually fake and spam accounts known as “zombie accounts”. They are completely inactive and don’t do anything for you in terms of engagements or relationships or in certifying you as an authority.

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Concentrate on building relationships and engagements by adding value, and the numbers will come naturally.

About The Author

Jaycee Uguru, is law student, a content creator, digital marketing consultant, researcher and a writer
You can connect with him on Twitter

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