How To Balance Your Social Media Investment

A lot of businesses lack any mechanism to actively monitor, evaluate and make adjustment to their social media investment in order to achieve set goals.
In essence, they just create their digital portfolio, hand it over to someone to manage without actively evaluating the returns on their investment.

A social media manager apart from posting and updating your social media channels is your brand voice on the social media, he/she listen to social conversation, engage and interact with anyone on behalf of your brand.

For instance:
Company A with a good social media manager is better than Company B without a social media manager, and Company C with a good social media manager and a strategy is better than Company A.

Remember this, not all social media investment is beneficial to your business, some are just there to keep your company running.

As a social media manager, I normally classify my schedule into 3 aspects that serves almost the same function

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1. Strategic
2. Support
3. Evaluation

Strategic and support deals more with public relations and branding, while evaluation deals with monitoring, organizing and reporting.
The main difference between strategic and support is that, while strategic focus more on laid down marketing goals,like creating and promotion of Contents, support deals with direct interaction with customers.

It is important to point out that the success of your social media campaigns depends on your ability  to manage your social media investment. So look beyond the money and the individual involve and try to monitor and evaluate your social media investment to know what works and what does not.

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