Top Four Mistakes People Make When Applying For Google Adsense And Solutions

One of the oldest and most reliable way of monetizing blogs, videos and content is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an ad delivery company that allows publishers show advert on their blogs, videos or contents and get paid by impressions or clicks. What that means is that Google find advertisers, bring the advert to your blog, video or content and pay you for how many people see the advert and how many people click on it from your blog, video or content.

That sounds good, right?

But the headache is that Google is very strict. Yes they are strict. What that means is, if you are new into blogging or content development, it may be difficult to get in and it may be very easy to get out if you violate their rules. But my reasons for writing this article is to help you get in as easy as possible.

Take note, there are probably over 100 alternative to Google AdSense but none of them come close. Google AdSense is number one and most reliable. As you know, the name Google is very powerful on the net, it attracts people more than others.

When I started one of my blog Abel Abel last year, I wanted a new Google AdSense account. I had mistakenly deleted my AdSense account which was a hosted AdSense account. A hosted AdSense account is the one you open through a third party like BlogSpot. But hey, don’t worry yourself with that!

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Within three days of creating Abel Abel, Google accepted me and I started making some good income from my new blog!

But I have friends who have been struggling for years to get accepted into Google AdSense.

So what did I do differently?

For those of you reading this who are hoping to get accepted into Google AdSense so that you can make money from your blogs, videos or content, read this part very carefully.

From my observation, there are four main reason why Google reject new applicant.

1. Insufficient Content

Google requires blog or website with enough content for them to decide which niche your platform belongs and what types of Ad to display. When they crawl through your site and there are not enough content to decide, chances are you may be rejected.

Solution: ensure you have enough content on your blog before applying for Google Adsense.

2. Duplicate Contents

Let me tell you straight up, Google frowns at copy and paste. If all the content on your website are copy and paste content from other website then you can be sure Google will not accept you into AdSense.

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Solution: Make sure that at least 70% of your content are original at the time of applying even if you have to rewrite stories to meet this.

3. Low Traffic

One of the main reason Google is displaying advertisement on your blog, video or content is for people to see, find interest in them and click on it for more details. That means if you do not have enough people(traffic) coming on your blog or website, you may not be accepted by Google.

Solution: Spend time on driving traffic to your website. This post here might be helpful, click here. But in the days ahead, I will be sharing ways in which you can drive traffic to your blog or website

4. Unfriendly Blog or Website

Google wants all website they are displaying their Ads to be user friendly. If your blog or website is not user friendly then you may have issues being accepted by Google

Solution: Ensure that your blog or website is responsive and very easy to navigate.

There you go. Those are the four major obstacles I have noticed bar people from being accepted by Google into Adsense.

For the newbies, if you have followed the above listed solutions, you can proceed to apply but be sure you read the Adsense guideline.

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To apply visit Google adsense. You must have a Google account, if you do not have one then create one.

Once you have done that, apply. Usualy within a day Google will ask you to place ad code on your blog or website. This code is to enable their crawler crawl your blog or site and watch if you meet their guideline to be accepted.

Once that process is completed you will either be accepted or rejected.

If you are rejected, you can always read their rejection email and make adjustment then apply again.

If you are accepted, congratulations, you can start earning income from your blog, video and content!

I will sharing how to optimize your Google adsense to make more money.

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