Some Amazing Facts Every Small Business Should Know About SEO

The first question I often asked small business owners who complains about SEO is: How do you get search engine ranking when you know nothing about how websites are ranked?

To me, knowing how SEO works is the first step in website traffic generation. You don’t need to be an SEO expert, but at least you need to have the basics understanding of SEO.

The number one reason people put their business online is to sell themselves, but if people can’t find you or your brand, you won’t be able to sell your self. So how do you get noticed.

– Before we continue, remember this, search engines is like the answering machine, you need to constantly optimize your content and websites to be up to date.

– After setting up your website, tools like Google cache or will allow you to see how search engine sees your site, and thus give you an edge to be able to index your site well.

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– Keywords are the building blocks of SEO and must not be taken lightly, however when using keywords, don’t over use it, over using it has its own penalty.

-Search engines tends to Favour mobile friendly websites, so make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

– Use HTML text format for your site because search engine crawlers often identify HTML text easily.

– Optimize your image : Give a file name to all your images, don’t just use Image 1. Jpg

– Be social media friendly.
Link your websites and blogs to social media and be consistent in posting valuable content that can change and influence your community.

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