7 Ways To Make Steady Income As A Blogger

So you have started blogging or you have been blogging for decades, whether it is just for fun, hobby or as a serious business, there are so many ways you can make money as a blogger. We are going to show you. Of-course the starting point is posting great content and having a whole lot of traffic, we are starting a FREE class soon on Content creation mechanism and the generation of traffic to your blog.

Let’s begin

1. Guest posting
Guest posting is a great way to generate traffic to your blog, build great relationship and get paid for it. But you must establish yourself first as a voice in your niche and as an expert to reckon with.
A few sites that pays for guest post are
The motley fool

2. Pay per click
Great blogs like Huffington post, Venture beat, etc make over $2.3 million from pay per click every month.
Getting to this stage takes a lot of research, hard work and passion.
– You can apply for Google Adsense
– Join infolinks.com : Here you will be paid via wired transfer, PayPal or western union.
– Join media.net: Media.net is powered by Yahoo bing network, minimum payout is $100
– Use Chitika.com
(We are going to write extensively on pay per click very soon)

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3. Sponsored post
Another great way of making money as a blogger is to write sponsored post or paid review for some brand.
You can try the following website for a start

4. Affiliate marketing
Many bloggers start with affiliate marketing.
Great site like timothyskes.com makes over $150,000 from affiliate marketing monthly
Amazon associate is still the most popular when it comes to affiliate marketing.
You can check
– marketing.rakuten.com/affiliate-marketing
– cj.com
Not forgetting eBay affiliate program.

5. Advertising banners
Mashable.com, Tech crunch, Perez Hilton, life hacker rocks in their money through advertising banners.
Getting advertisers to patronize you is easy, as long as your blog has great content and following. When looking for advertisers, find those that sell things related to what you post on your blog.
You can also write post occasionally on your blog to let your readers know that you are looking for advertisers.

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6. Use pop ups
Most blogger don’t like pop ups ad but it a great way to make money as a blogger.
You can try popads.net for a start

7. Sell your own product
Selling your own products is a great strategy to make money from your blog. You can start with service before bringing in your goods.

Take my advice, Start Making money from your blog today it help…
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