7 Phrase Every Customer Service Agent Must Avoid

Happy voice is very good in customer service delivery, but it’s obvious that our ears are not always so happy to take in some words.

I recently witness a customer service agent in a bank exchanging words with a customer over an issue that was absolutely nothing. Instead of the customer service agent listening to the customer, she instantly becomes the complainant. While her partner appreciated her for standing up to defend herself against an “annoying customer” I was quick to tell them the truth in the growing confusion and the issue was resolved amicably.

As a customer service agent, your main job is to relate well with customers, because good and happy customers are the backbone of a successful business.

Here is 7 Phrase to avoid in customer service delivery.

1. No problem
“In customer service, there is a big difference between “no problem” and “my pleasure” no problem means you are a problem just not to me” – Jon Gordon, Author of the Carpenter.
Nurturing a good relationship with your customers is a big part of growing your business. There is no business without a customer and as long as there is a customer there is bound to be a complain, so treat each one with pleasure, let it be your pleasure to assist your customers, never respond to your customer with “No problem” instead use “My pleasure”

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2. Calm down
There is no phrase as annoying as “calm down” especially when you are meeting a customer that is not pleased with your service delivery. In such an atmosphere, don’t use calm down and avoid using I’m sorry instead use “I apologize” but make sure you allow him or her to finish before responding.

3. I don’t know
Your duty as a customer care agent is to have a fair knowledge of everything in the company. You have to be up to date with every policy, decisions and marketing strategy of the company.

No matter the situation, if you are not sure of what to respond to a customer, don’t say I don’t know rather refer him or her to someone who knows or yet still confirm the information from someone that knows before getting back to the customer.

4. It’s not my fault
Be patient with every customer that comes your way, don’t be carried away with anything he or she says that will warrant you to say “It’s not my fault” or “is it my fault? ” instead try to see what you can do to assist, a happy customer is a plus to the company. Use “Let’s see what can be done about it right now”

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5. Listen to me
An unhappy customer will not listen to you, instead you are the one that will listen to him /her, learn to listen, and show the customer that you are willing to assist instead of commanding him/her to listen to you as if you are the complainant.

6. You don’t seem to understand.

Try and clarify issues in simple terms as possible, telling a customer “you don’t seem to understand” is the same thing as saying that the customer is stupid. Avoid “you don’t seem to understand” in all ramifications and try all you can to explain in simple terms to the customer.

7. Don’t worry about it, I will take care of it.
Respect your Customers feeling and avoid playing into his/her emotions, let solutions be at your finger tips. They complain to you because they know that you can help, so offer help while you can, if it is beyond your power, be polite and refer him/her to the necessary department.

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Be Customer friendly…

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