7 Amazing Facebook Marketing Techniques For Small Business

Small businesses seeking to make an impact on Facebook must learn the basics techniques of Facebook Marketing.
With over 1.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook provide a great avenue for any small business and start up to succeed especially if you are doing your Marketing and promotion very well.
If you want to succeed on Facebook as a small business, don’t just create a fan page, build an effective and engaging community on Facebook for your business.

This few tips will help you get started :

1. Have a branded Facebook cover photo.

Your cover photo says a lot about you and your business, this is the first thing any one sees when visiting your page, so make it attractive, engaging and as professional as possible. Include at least 20% text in your cover photo in form of introduction and make sure it is catchy and fun.

2. Have a good Bio.

Most people don’t have time to read lengthy bio, so the smaller the better, don’t spend time telling your life story, it is not necessary, just tailor your bio toward 160 word or less but make sure it is informative, interesting and fun.

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3. Post engaging content

Contents drive conversation, conversation build relationship, relationship leads to business success.
Your content determines your following, target your content very well, use graphics and videos not just text, A question, a call to action is a good way to engage and build a relationship with your community.

4. Pin important post to top of your page.

When you post new contents, old contents gradually disappears, so if you have important post, you can pin it on the top of your page, this is a good way to drive conversation and provide lasting impression on your community.
To pin a post to your page:
– Click on the drop down menu in the top right corner of your post in your page.
– Then click pin to the top.

5. Engage with other page.

Use your Facebook page to like other interesting Facebook page. But be warn don’t self promote yourself on their wall, this can be irritating, join their conversation, be interesting, be fun, comment on their post and like post that are interesting to you, answer people questions and you will build relationship with most of the page following.

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6. Create and schedule status update.

With apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc you can schedule your status update across time zone. This will help keep your page up to date and keep your business growing.

7. Use Facebook ads.

Facebook ads is not actually so costly, but you just need to plan and prepare to use it to boost your page or your post. When you are using Facebook ads, make sure you:
– Use an engaging pictures or video
– Put a call to action
– Use data from Google analytics to know how to target your post.

Be genuine, be human and be real, engage with your community, build relationships and your business will succeed.

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