6 Ways To Transform Your Small Business In 2017

I love small businesses. The greatest companies all started small, from one person idea to a life changing product.

From Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc their story are all the same.

One thing that is associated with business is change and with change comes risk, change can come in any form, either by adding a new idea, modifying an old idea, adding a new member to the team or looking at a new market, etc

There is a clear connection between change and revenue, a change in date (like a calendar year) comes with new dreams, new ideas new plans and new resolution.

As 2016 is folding off, it’s important to look ahead into 2017 with renew strength and dreams, you may not have achieved all your plans for 2016 but now is not the time to give up on your dreams.

Here are 6 ways to transform your Small business in 2017:

1. Re-examine your digital strategy

The potential of technology to develop small business is massive. From relationship building, customer engagement to networking. It is very hard to ignore digital transformation if you want your Small business to grow in 2017.

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We have heard of stories of small businesses that achieve massive success over night because of the right use of technology.
As 2016 is coming to an end, prepare to invest more on technology and you will see your business expand in 2017.

2. Connect with other small business owners

As your business expand, it is very important to be wary of competition, but it is also very important not to see your competitors as enemies, because seeing your competitors as enemies is very bad for growth.

We recently organized a meet up for few small business owners and the meeting was a massive success, they share their stories, problems and engage in a series of discussion, it was fun and very educative.

3. Understand your key performance indicators(KPI’s)

Every business has a story and a point of breakthrough, and each breakthrough point should and must be carefully analyse in order to help drive home the business goals.

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You have to sit down with your team and analyze what works for you in 2016, study it, understand it and build on it in 2017.

4. Engage with your customers

If you see your customers as a point of transactions you will miss the big picture.

Every customer has a good suggestions to make, you may not take all, but once in a while, ask them “What they will like to see differently” And you will be surprised at what you will get.

5. Re-examine your business model

Your business model is the heart of your business and it is very important to always review and understand whether you are meeting your expectations or not.

As a small business owners, one thing that will help your business in 2017 is a careful look into your business model, if you are confused on how to develop one, we can help you, just email us and we guide you through.

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6. Share Your Stories with the world

Every business has a story to tell and you are the only person that can tell your story very well. Stories are part of business and a good and well crafted stories can inspire and transform your business.

So make it part of your resolution in 2017 to share your stories to the World.

In conclusion, you can make it in 2017, if you are ready, determined and willing to provide value and give in your best.

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