The 6 social media tools that will transform your small business

“What are you trying to achieve?” “Do you have a social media plan?” “How is your social media strategy?” These and more are some of the questions I discussed with any small business owners seeking my help for social media promotion. Let me assume that you already have a plan, a strategy and perhaps a website or a blog (but if you don’t, and you are confused on how to go back it, please contact us for free tips).

Here are some of the tools that will help make your social media journey fun and productive:

1. Canva

Canva is great for creating visuals for anything from social media to blog posts. It is one of the easiest way to design beautiful images for your social media post. It provides features that make it easy for you to turn your ideas into visuals, from quote creation, custom icons and stickers, Canva provides all the avenue to make your work interesting.

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2. Google analytics
If you don’t track your traffics, how can you tell if your social media presence is making sense or not. Google analytics helps you in this regards. I highly recommend it to all small business owners, looking to grow their business on social media.

3. Manage flitter
As you grow your presence on Twitter, it is necessary to keep track of your followers, your reach and analytics. Previously called manage twitter, ManageFlitter helps you achieve this and more. It has features like Powerpost which shows you the best time to post your Tweets for maximum reach. It also provides you with free analytics to make sure your campaigns are getting the desired engagement.

4. Feedly
Feedly is a great alternative to Google reader and one of my best content curation companion. It’s has an RSS reader that can gather feeds from multiple sources based on your preferences. And gives you access to many different content which will inspire your social media journey.

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5. Trendsmap
Trends are very important to your small business. If you monitor and tweak it very well you will be surprised with the results. I use with  Trendsmap or for trends monitoring.

6. Social media management tools (Buffer, Hootsuite, PostPlanner, Sprout Social and Agora plus)
I love grouping this ones together because they are probably the most popular social media management tools. From post scheduling to social media listening they provide a great platform for you to be productive.

Off course we have MailChimp (for email marketing), drumup,, and many other.

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