6 Quick Tips On Social Media Strategy

Simply  put, Social Media Strategy is how your brand is going to use social media to achieve its goals. It’s include your statement of intent, the tool you want to use to achieve your goals, your desired outcome, and your plan of action. 

As a social media strategist, I am saddled with the task of transforming, translating and tailoring  brands ideas into simple actionable contents on social media to meets brand goals.

One thing that I find amazing is that most brands have very good product and very interesting ideas but the level of success on social media is very poor.

Sometimes, some brand may even have thousands of following on their  social media channels but  they are unable to convert them to meet their target.

You don’t have to be a social media guru to influence your brand success on social media, that’s the mistakes most brands make and you don’t have to invest so much before your voice is heard on social media, that’s not entirely true.

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So how do you succeed on social media?Let begin:

1. Have a well defined and a clear purpose.

Your statement  of intent is the run down of what you likely want to do in the near future. Or let just say your purpose. Your journey on social media depends on it. It’s like the guide, the manual you have to follow in order to achieve your brand goals

It is very important that you sit, study, research and come up with a well defined  statement of intent if you desire to have a smooth and a successful campaign on social media.

“Keep an open mind but don’t just jump in without a plan of action, instead  let your plan of action defines your journey for you”

2. Put your Passion to work.

“We will pay you for your passion not your work”

Standing out in twitter, Google plus, Facebook, Instagram or any of the social media channels requires putting your passion to work, if you take out passion  you are left with nothing. So let passion drives your statement of intent to work.

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3. Find your target audience.

Not everyone is interested in buying your product but the fact remains they are some people out there that are looking for you.

Identifying your target audience helps to make the journey more interesting because sharing your content across all the social media channels without any target audience is not productive.

4. Develop a unique content  plan.

You have to create engaging content that are actionable. This is where bulk of the work are, don’t expect better results if you can curate good content. There is no better substitute for it.

Share trending news,  interesting information, keep your potential clients engage on the happening in your industry.

5. Master the art of social listening.

There is no need having a good  social media following with good contents without any plans for social media listening.

Once you have started sharing actionable contents, keep your eyes on your audience to engage and interact with them.

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6. Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Don’t  just post or update once then sit down and fan yourself and don’t update the same thing over and over again, be creative, have different sets of content, but be consistent in providing value.

Final thoughts

No matter how you see it, showing up in the market doesn’t mean you will sell your products, you have to engage, interact and meet with potential customers in order to sell your products and ideas.

There is no one stop strategy for social media success, but you need to maintain a good social media presence and engagement in order to achieve your goals.

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