5 Ways To Use Twitter To Drive Sales

By Abel Udoekene

Twitter is still the perfect engagement tool for most brand, and when you use it properly you will be amazed with your ROI.
I presented this series to a group of five startup founder who came to visit me last holiday.

I love twitter so much, I’m addicted to Twitter, I’ve been on Twitter since 2009, I’ve followed and engage with the best of the best and I’m more than convinced that of all the social media platform twitter is one of the best platform for startup.

First, connections is not limited to friends and family or a small group of people, you can connect and build relationship with anyone, no matter the geographical location. Secondly anyone can become an influencer with the right information, connections and contents. Thirdly, by following regular hashtag, you can easily spot your interest or what is relevant to your brand.

There are over 300 million active twitter user and if you use twitter wisely, you will be able to be part of the conversation, find prospects easily, build relationship with Influencers and put your brand on the spotlight.

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Here are five ways to drive sales using Twitter.

#1. Be helpful
A little help can go along way to build a long Lasting relationship with your audience. Three year ago, I met a lady via a twitter chat (#viralchat) and she ask me to help her grow her twitter following. The request was awkward but after series of conversation, I accepted to guide her and today she is one of the top social media influencer in Australia. That little experience made me realize that, sometimes, it not always about you or your brand, always be on the look out for those tweet that seek help or advice, you never can tell what you will achieve at the end.

#2. Avoid Over Promotion

One mistake most startup make on Twitter is tweeting too much about themselves and their brand. I often asked startup who come to me for advice to define their social media goals, and develop a Twitter habit and schedule around those goals. If you are on Twitter to drive engagement and boost sales. It helps if you concentrate on providing contents that drive engagement, provide value, than just tweeting about your products.

Always remember, it’s not the tweet about your product that will sell your products, it’s the value you provide, the connection and relationship you build that will promote your brand.

#3. Retweet Others

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The best way to be easily noticed is to follow and Retweet others, especially contents that will be valuable to your audience. I’m an ambassador and promoter of other people’s contents and hashtag. And that has help me build relationship that I cherish and value so much.

Don’t just think only of your brand, Retweet and engage with others. It’s help in the long run.

#4. Quality following not Quantity

While you can’t control those that follows you, you can control who you follow or follow back. Your connections and the relationship you build is very vital to your brand.

Develop a following habits that will grow your brand, not just numbers that will not add any value to your brand.

#5. Avoid Automated messages

I’m not a supporter of automated message, but I support tweet scheduling. I want to be sure that the person on the other side is human not a machine, so be human, engage and interact with your audience.

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Remember, thousands of people are looking up to you and your brand, Tweet responsible, be valuable, be helpful, avoid automated message, follow to grow your brand not to increase the number of your followers.

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