4 Creative Ways To Market Your Startup Story To The World

Every good marketer will tell you that you need to know the value of your startup, your intended customers and their needs before taking your products or services to the market place.

Sharing your startup story is one of the most powerful and rewarding aspects of marketing. For Startups, the more people hear your story, the more likely they will want to be part of your success story.

Stories are memorable and telling good stories is a great way of finding solutions, offering help, discovering hidden secrets of the past and gaining a better understanding of our World.

What actually make a good startup story?

Value and connection are some good ingredient of a great startup story. Your story must have value, it must offer solutions to a problem, it must be able to connect your startup to the World and it must be able to represent you in your absence.

So how do you market your startup to the World?

1. Have an identity

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In order to best pitch and sell your products or services to the World, your startup must have an identity. The people who read your story must come across your startup as a character and the character must be able to inspire, motivate and offer solution to your readers.

2. Have a story to tell

You can’t tell the World a story about your brand if you don’t have anything to say. Your startup  is creating so many stories as it evolves everyday and this is what the people want to hear. Your motivation, your disappointment and your regrets. So create a unique story with your startup as the main character and share it for the World to see.

3. Be human

Heart to heart connection is the success and backbone  of every successful business. Adding that human voice to your story will give it more power and energy. The world want to know people behind the startup not just the products and service. 

4. Choose the right market

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It is very normal for every startup founder to believe that every market is good for their products and services, but the truth is not everyone will love your products or services, so concentrating your budget on every market is not only wasting of money but it can stop you from achieving your dreams.

So as a startup, you must define a specific market for your product, study and have a good knowledge of the market before crafting great story that will sell your startup to the market.

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