5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads

Facebook currently offer one of the best platform to grow your business. Even if you are a novice in social media marketing, with the right information and strategy your success rate is higher if you follow and understand the demographic of Facebook ads very well.

Successful  marketing is not about the money you put into advertising but the time and ideas you put in after the money. Let examine some  few steps that will help boost your Facebook marketing campaigns.

1 . Install Facebook Tracking Pixel on your website.

Having Facebook pixel on your website is a must if you want to grow your brand. Facebook pixel makes conversation tracking and optimization easier. It helps you track, monitor and get rich insight about how people use your website and then show them targeted ads based on their behavior.

2. Add shareable content.

Instead of just promoting your products and services, add shareable content that will add value to your audience. Once you identify contents that your audience engage with, you can use it to optimize your marketing campaign and performance.

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3. Create Custom Audience.

Facebook custom audience is a list of people who have engaged with your brand before. It’s help you to narrow down your audience, thereby providing a great avenue for people to engage with your ads. Creating a custom audience is a good step to improve your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Go into your Facebook ads account, look for the audience tap, click on it and create your custom audience.

4. Use Good Visuals.

If your visuals is not good enough, don’t use it, good visuals has more engagement metrics than just text. Introduce images, info graphic and videos, this will grab people’s attention and boost engagement.

5. Test, Monitor and Track your Data.

Track, monitor and evaluate your performance constantly. Using tools like Google Analytics will let you know which demographic is responding well to your adds, this will help you to re-purpose and re-focused your ads for greater engagement.

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