5 Unique Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Having so many content without many visitors can be so frustrating, so as a blogger you need to constantly look for ways to increase your blog traffic and ranking.

Believe me, there are times you post a good story on your blog expecting to see comments and shares but instead you see nothing..
So how do you increase your blog traffic :

1. Generate Unique Content

Incredible content is your unique marketing tool. Without great content all the promotion in this world will not give you the traffic you need for your blog success.
So first thing first:
– create an amazing blog
– generate unique content. Don’t just post for posting sake, make sure your content provide value.

2. Share as many times as you can

Sharing is fun, don’t just share once and forget, it’s your story, keep sharing it. Most brand just post and share once after that they are done with the article, believe me, there are people who are searching for your article right now, just one more share can save a life.

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3. Tell Compelling Stories
Besides generating good content, the easiest way to get traffic to your blog is to tell compelling stories. Visitors and readers are looking for answers, so if you want traffic, share compelling stories that address readers questions.

4. Write for others
Writing high quality guest post for popular blog is one of the unique ways to increase your blog traffic. Don’t make the mistake of sending a second rate article, make sure the article you send is your best pick and your reward will be massive traffic.

5. Ask influencers to write for you.
Engaging with Influencer and asking them to contribute to your blog is an excellent way to generate traffic and build your blog readership. Get influencer with good social currency to write for you and possibly share the post on their social media channels, this will promote your blog and build a good following audience.

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