5 Tips To Create More Engaging And Awesome Content

The Internet is Saturated with a lot of Content but to stand out and be the best, you don’t need to write like Williams Shakespeare or Stephen King, you just need to find out your passion, develop it and share your stories to the World.

People love good content and good content is vital to the growth and success of your brand. The number one key to writing a great and engaging content is to connect with your readers. Once you achieve this, your brand following will increase and so will your brand reach.

1. Research

Generating engaging content can be fun, easy and sometimes hard, depending on how you see it. One of the steps to finding engaging content for your  blog is research. Research helps you to discover what is hot and trending in your industry. Tools like Scoop.it and  using social media listening makes writing easy and creating engaging content fun.

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2. Start from your headlines.

Engagement start from your headline, a great headline inspire trust, captivate your readers attention and encourage sharing. Your headline is the first thing your readers read, so work hard on them, so that they will work hard for you.

3. Tell a story 

Story that draws the readers in and makes them to trust you and your brand are stories  that centres around you. Story telling is a good way to connect with your audience. So instead of copying or quoting  from other sources  tell your own story. Be precise, be human and be real.

4. Write something new. 

New and original content can drives traffic to your blog and helps you gain media attention. Your experience and your story are twin brothers that you should always be willing to share with your audience, the more original you are, the more your audience will relate to you.

5. Use Visuals. 

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Visuals can tell a story and help connect your content to your audience. Don’t just use any image, make sure all your visual is related  to your content and will add more value to them. So no matter the content of your article, a good visual will always add more life to it.

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