5 Steps To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Abel Udoekene

Good content thrive well with good strategy, creating content without good strategy, is like dancing alone in the dark

I was recently asked what small business owners and startup can do to be heard on social media. Off course the answer is obvious: good content, unforgettable engagement, wonderful hashtag, metrics measurement and all those other familiar stories.

As a social media strategist, I am confronted with so many questions and complains everyday, and it is always my joy to find answers and solutions where necessary, advice when it is needed and search for answers and collaboration when I’m confronted with what seem new to me.

The phrase “Content is king” is very familiar, to me content without good engagement is not good for your brand, no matter how king it may look or sound.

Here are the 5 Steps that will guide you to develop a good content marketing strategy

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Step #1. Define your objectives.

I have many concept about content creation but one is like a rule guiding how I create and develop my content. Before developing any contents, I will ask myself “Why is this necessary?”
The answer will help me and guide me in developing an audience worthy content.

Step #2. Define your Audience

I don’t write any content if I don’t have an audience in mind. It’s help me to define my style, outline my story and pass my message effectively.
So define your audience and tailor your content to suit them.

Step #3. Define your Content promotion strategy

Every social media platform has its own unique format for content promotion. Before creating your content, design on where and how you will promote them. Don’t just focus all your energy on Content creation and forget about the main part, which is getting it in front of your audience.

Step #4. Have a goal

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What do you want to achieve with your content?
What are the sharing metrics, lead generation metrics, consumption metrics and sales metrics expected? This will help not just help you in content, promotion but in content creation.

Step #5. Tell your story

Off course, your story is your content and your content is your brand message. When telling your story, take note of the following :
1. Your headline should convey or have a connection with your story.
2. The language should be simple and easy to understand (though this depends on the audience)
3. Make your content shareable (like mine, you can share them on your blog, as long as you acknowledge me)
4. Have a call to action. This is very important.
5. Develop a byline for all your social media platform.

In conclusion, develop a content creation and sharing schedule, this will help you a lot in telling and promoting your stories

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