5 Social Selling Tips That Will Boost Your Brand Performance

By Abel Udoekene

Like it or not, whether it is content, good or services; as long as you are on social media, you are selling something. And in the World of Social Media, everyone is an influencer, but the level of your influence depends on the value you bring to the table and the performance of your brand.

Sales and your brand progress grow faster and easier within a trusted network that values you and engage frequently with your content. Building and maintaining this network, requires a good understanding of Social media and social selling.

Oftentimes, most brand don’t know how to use social media to grow their brand, they create profiles, build connections, share contents, yet this does not translate into sales. It is time to move forward, from just being on social media to using social media effectively to add value to your audience and also have a good Return on your investment.

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Here are 5 important tips to note:

1. Connect with the right people

Social Media is not a replacement for face-to-face interaction, but a platform to know more about people you have meet, about to meet and will meet later in life.
Connecting with the right people is very vital to the success of your brand.

2. Sales is about people, but building relationship takes time.

Connection is just the first step, don’t just stop there. Once you connect, engage and once you engage build relationship.

3. Have a genuine interest in your prospect.

Don’t let it be about you and your brand. Try to leverage the connection to accommodate the Interest of your prospects.

4. Follow up and engage in relevant discussion concerning your industry.

Always remember, you never know who maybe following the trend or the discussion, so be valuable. One tweet, one comment or one post can make or destroy your brand reputation.

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5. Share relevant content

You can become a voice by sharing relevant content that can help and assist your prospects.

In conclusion, don’t just be on social media, make social media part of your business process.

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