5 Secrets Behind Creating Viral Contents

Before we begin :

Writing great and engaging content is a choice, you can choose to do research and come out with shareable and relatable content , you can decide otherwise, anywhere you stick to, the choice is yours.

Content writing is easy, but creating quality contents takes time and a lot of research. Most content writers are very interested in creating viral contents over night, without putting in any effort or research. Content that is loved and can easily be shared must be contagious, engaging, funny and very informative. I recently read contagious by John Berger
and I was very thrilled.

These 5 Secrets will help you in your quest to create content that engage, sell and promote your brand.

1. Let talk about your headline.

There are several things to consider when crafting your headlines, since the first thing your audience see is your headline , unfortunately, most content writers don’t take them into consideration. First, your headline must appeal to your readers emotions, it must be relevant, it must be able to solve or answer a question. To get it right, you have to understand your audience, understand their needs, and interest before you craft your headline.

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2. Create an attention grabbing introduction.

Compelling readers to scroll through your article takes a lot of commitment, so your introduction matters.
Keep it simple, and informative as possible, this article by hubspot will be of great help.

3. Inspire your audience

If your content does not inspire your audience to take action, then there is no need sharing it.
Any content you share or plan to share should be able to address a particular need of your readers.
Many people miss this target, it not about just writing and sharing your content that matters, it’s how connected your audience is to your content.

4. Tell a good story

A good story build trust and arouse emotions. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this as part of your content writing process. Don’t just write, tell stories, connect your audience with your ideas and dreams.

5. Grow your community.

An engage audience is very vital to the growth of your brand. Most content writers Overlook this aspect and focus only on content creation. Content creation and community building should be done simultaneously.
It’s quite simple, if you don’t have a community, no matter how good your content is, it will be very difficult for it to go viral.

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A few point to note:

– Your content should be able to provide answers to your audience questions.

– It should be able to show your audience, step by step guide on “how to do” not just “what to do ”

– Great images, infographics and videos captures the attention of your audience easily and give your content the possibility of going viral.

– finally, be innovative, don’t just write, show.

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