5 blogging secrets every beginner must know

I know you have read so many articles on how to become a successful blogger. I did same a few years ago when I wanted to start blogging. I attended seminars, subscribe to many newsletters and even join a challenge on how to make $3000 daily blogging, the journey was not fun because I had so many unmet expectations. Most of the secret I learn then was “follow your passion,  find a niche, subscribe to our newsletters and we will show you how we made over $100,000 in our first year of blogging”

I subscribed to over 30 of such newsletters what I get was “this course will teach you how to blog the right way, pay $200 to join, limited space available, book your seat now” I enrolled for one, follow all the steps but it just didn’t work. After about four months of unsuccessful search for a quick way out I start looking at the brighter side of blogging.

I’m going to show you the 5 secrets I learnt about blogging in the next few minutes but first I want you to underline this “Blogging as a hobby is fun and easy because you are not under any pressure, but blogging for money is fun but not easy because you have to worry about traffic and engagement to keep the money coming in”

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Let’s begin:

1. Learn how to figure out things for yourself 

The basic skill you need as a blogger is to figure out what is going on. You need to have a clue of everything that happens around you. Awareness is the first step, it will open up your mind for new ideas and prepare you ahead for what you should expect as you progresses.

2. Finding a niche is a myth, it’s doesn’t work for everyone.

Some people succeed as niche bloggers, others don’t, you have to figure out what works for yourself. If you are blogging as a hobby, finding a niche and doing what you love will pay off in the long run, but if you are blogging for money. Beside what you know and are passionate about, you need to find what works and draw up a plan to include them in your blogging journey.

3. There is no shortcuts just opinions and stories to draw your attention. 

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Apart from what you know, every other thing you read is an opinion, it’s either you accept it and try it or you forget about it and move on. Blogging is a journey, you learn as you grow. New ideas comes everyday, don’t try everything you see especially when it comes to shortcuts to overnight blogging success, there are no shortcuts, just do your thing and live your dreams.

4. Make SEO your partner and you won’t regret it 

Take time to learn and invest in SEO, it’s your best  best partner.

5. Don’t think first about money, provide quality and be consistent. 

In blogging, money is a result of quality and consistency, if you think of it this way it will help you in your blogging journey.

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