5 Amazing Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Writing good content is the first steps, getting people to read it is the next step, making people to fall in love with your website is another step.

There are thousands of articles on how to increase your blog  traffic, but the bottom line is, all is worth doing but not all will give you the necessary results.

So how do you drive traffic to your blog:

1. Have a purpose

One question I asked most small business owners that want to set up a website is, “What is your purpose?”
This is the number question you need to answer to ensure that your website convey the right message of why it exists.

Having a clearly defined purpose and goal will not only help you develop your website but it will also help you grow a website that is worth following.

So what is your purpose?  As a blogger and a social media strategist, there are many reasons people set up websites but to me the ultimate reason is for people to visit and read “your” content.
So it is not enough to just set up a website, you must have good content, well written for your audience to read and enjoy.

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2. Provide value

The fastest way to drive traffic to your blog is to provide value. Don’t think about sells and profit first, think about providing value to your audience.

If your business is selling cars, providing content that will help your audience on knowing  how to maintain their car will pay more that just posting a content on why they must buy your cars.

3. Understand the power of social listening.

Sharing your post across all your social media platform is a good way to promote your website.
But don’t just share, make sure you follow your post to listen and evaluate their impression.

For example, on twitter, Post with hashtag tend to perform more than those without. So find out what work most on each platform and use it effectively

4. Use Visuals.

A good post must go with a good visuals, visuals are eye catching and stick longer on the reader brain than text.
If you want to create content that get shared and increase your blog traffic, match good visuals with well crafted content.

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5. Measure, evaluate and improve.

What is not measured cannot be improved upon. Installing apps like Google analytics on your website will help  measure the impression of each of your post to know which one is being shared, which one is not being shared and how to improve on them. Measuring and evaluating each of your post will help you to know how best to re-purpose and re-focuse your content to generate traffic to your blog.

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