4 Mistakes Small Business Make On Social Media

Regardless of the brand size and budget social media is the best fit and a crucial part of any marketing strategy. From creating business relationship and giving brands  the avenue to promote their brand,  social media opens up brand to the World.

The number one issues we have encountered  over the years from small business owners  is that most of them complained  of not getting enough ROI from their social media strategy.

I was recently invited to speak at a small gathering of bloggers and content developers, tagged “Blogging for Value” the venue was well decorated, the hall was large enough to contain at least 200 people and I was expecting to see at least 80 social media enthusiasts but unfortunately, I saw just 5 people  plus the organizers.

Part of the problem they shared was that they are not getting enough from Social Media, I had to change my topic from content creation strategy to mistakes small business makes on social media which I am going to summarize here with these 4 questions :

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1.  Why are you on Social Media?

This is very important if you want to get ROI from your social media strategy. Because most brand  just jump into social media and start posting without any plan or strategy. You can’t expect any good results from such tactics so you must be ready to accept any results that come your way.

Before going on social media, you must understand “the why, the how and the what, of your brand”

Why are you on Social media?

How are you going to provide value to your audience?

What are your plans, your aims and your objectives?

Spell and write down your answers correctly before creating your social media profiles as a brand.

2. What are your target audience?

Having a clue of who your target audience are will help you to focus your social media strategy very well. One thing I discover is that, most brands just get on social media invest money on buying followers and likes instead of investing money on contents that will give them organic following. FAKE FOLLOWING WILL GIVE YOU FAKE RESULTS. Define your target audience, create a plan on how to reach them and stick to that plans.

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3. Have you identify Influencers?

Influencers are authority that people believes in, they maybe bloggers, authors, models, Social media Influencers and industry expert. You have to research and know which Influencers have a largest following of your target audience and engage with them. Share their content and build relationship with them, they may offer you the favour of sharing your content for free or with a little fee depending on the level of relationship you have established.

4. Do you understand the demographic of each social media?

Different platform attract different people and different content. A content that do well on twitter may not do well on Instagram, so you need to understand what works on each channel and how best to repurpose and refocus each content to bring you the best results in all the social media channels.

So what is your social media strategy? If you have any questions or difficulties achieving them, contact us, we can help you

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