3 Ways To Grow Your Online Presence And Improve Your Brand Engagement

Have you googled yourself recently? Many times we tried to find out our reach, by searching  our brand on Google. In most cases, the same results popped up here and then.

Growing your online presence is not an easy job especially for small and medium sized businesses but it is a very important aspect of your business, if you desire success.

Here are some actionable ways to help you grow your online presence:

1. Invest in social media

Most customers of the 21st century find out first about some products via social media. Social media is a powerful marketing platform to help you get initial fan and following, help you build trust with people you know and expand your reach.

You must learn to post and update your social media channels consistently and be part of the conversation. Social media allows you to be everywhere at the same time. Don’t just create a profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram snapchat, etc and fan yourself,  understand what works for each channels, listen, engage and promote your brand.

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Note: Don’t limit the reach of your brand, being on social media doesn’t help you grow your brand if you don’t engage and promote your brand. The earlier you understand this, the better for you. So:

– Create a social media profile

– Build relationships

– Update relevant content

– Engage with Influencers

– Invest  in social media listening

– Monitor and track your brand engagement

– Provide value

– Be you, be consistent  and be real

2. Go beyond just having a blog

Blogging is an effective way to build relationship with your audience, so don’t just stop with having a social media account, have a blog.

Your blog is where people can go, learn more about you, contact, interact and engage with your brand. In the business of 21st century, you must go beyond just having a blog, because most businesses have blogs that are not informative enough to  conform with the 21st century trend. Always remember that :

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-Most people access Internet via their mobile devices, so your blog must be mobile friendly.

-Your blog post must be relevant to your goals: Don’t just post for posting sake provide value.

-Consistency is key: Update your blog regularly and be Consistent in providing value and information to your audience.

3. Monitor and track performance

Tracking may not help your ROI but it will help you know what is and what is not working for your brand.

If you  are not monitoring your engagement and blog reach, it will not be easy to understand what is working for your brand.

Google analytics is a great way to track your blog traffic. So as you track and monitor your performance,  take advantage of social media and blogging to grow your online presence.

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