10 Things You Should Know About SEO From Experts

By Abel Udoekene

The first one is usually the hardest. According to Ryan Stewart, Founder, Webris
“There is no singular blueprint to SEO success, if there was, we’d all be rich. That’s what makes this field so fascinating – it’s dynamic and it’s really difficult.”

As a social media enthusiast, I’m always on the look out for the fastest and easiest way to help small businesses and organizations that contact me for advice succeed online, but the truth is: social media marketing, SEO and all those other keywords has just one thing in common, which centers around these words “Your goals – their need, Your plan – Your value, their happiness – your success” Which mean your goals must center around the need of your audience and this is what will determine your plans (to provide value to meet your audience needs) which will make you to succeed.

Here are 10 Things You should know about SEO

1. “If you want to rank for a specific keyword, make sure you have a webpage that answers questions about it, a practice I like to use is to take a step back and think about if I were searching for ‘x keyword’ what questions would I have? How can I incorporate this into my page so that the user has no reason to leave?”
Adam Heitzman, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, HigherVisibility

It’s easy and fun, you need to search and answer questions from your audience. Remember, your goal should be to meet your audience need.

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2. “Have a mobile optimized (and compliant) site – It’s no surprise Google looks at how sites display on mobile as well as the info they provide. Not only does your site need to be mobile friendly/optimized, you’ll need to tone down the use of popups so you don’t get penalized.”
Chris Makara
Digital Marketing Strategist

It’s time to answer this important question : how mobile friendly is your website?

3. “The best advice, don’t follow the changes. Just focus on writing the best content for your clients and their businesses. Write expert content that is hard to replicate. Don’t become experts in the Google algorithms, become experts in the content that you have to write about. So if you are writing about plumbing, make sure you know it better than most or don’t write it. Google wants the most authoritative content to rank the best and the best way to do that is to become an authority based on being an authority in your niche.”
Barry Schwartz

Focus on writing original and value worthy content.

4. “Spend as much time to understand people as you do to understand Google, understand why people buy, why people trust, the impact of branding on purchasing–search engine algorithms don’t buy things from your company, people do.”
Wil Reynolds, Founder and CEO, SEER Interactive

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5. “Search engines want to reward sites that gain “hard links”—links that took an effort to gain. A guest post in a publication with a high standard, one that doesn’t let just anyone write, might be an example of a hard link…
The type of site where you might want to earn a link is one you and potential customers regularly read. Build a relationship with the site. Discover who runs it. Understand what type of content they publish, how they tend to link to external sources. Using that knowledge, suggest your site in an appropriate manner.”
Danny Sullivan

6. “Authentic is probably the most over used word in social media – but it’s also the secret to standing out in a crowd. No one thinks exactly like you and if you’re willing to share your thoughts and dreams with the world, you’re putting something out there that wasn’t there before. In a world of people trying to one up the next person to get ahead, someone that’s unique and honest and just themselves – that’s intoxicating. If you can be you on social media, I want to get to know you better!”
Julia Rosien, Brand Engineer for Restonic, Chief Idea Officer GoGirlfriend

7. “Publish truly amazing content, and the rest of the pieces will fall into place, your content strategy is the backbone of your SEO strategy because it fuels your social media campaign (which acts like an amplifier to spread your content’s reach) which improves your ability to earn inbound links.”
Jayson DeMers, CEO, AudienceBloom

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8. “Invest a lot of time in researching the keywords that potential customers will use, The terms and keywords that are native to your industry may not match actual search queries.”
Andy Beal,Trackur.com

9. “Something I have been focusing on more lately is writing for topics instead of keywords. Long tail variations and related keywords are picked up by Google anyway. So, rather than target one keyword per post, look at the overview, the main topic, and try to cover it better than anyone else.”
Ashley Faulkes
SEO, Content and WordPress Specialist

10. “Test everything. Don’t assume something is true just because a big blog/blogger said so.”
Michael Karp
SEO and Content Marketer

In summary, be you, be original, focus on providing value and the results will follow. Feel free to add your comment and questions below.

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